材料科学与化学工程学院学术报告——Design of Transformable Metal Organic Frameworks having Active Species in the Nanospace

发布日期:2018-09-29 作者:材料科学与化学工程学院



报告人:Prof. Ryotaro Matsuda

报告人简介Ryotaro Matsuda教授于2005年获京都大学工学博士学位。2006年在九州大学任助教。2008年任日本科技振兴机构资助的ERATO项目组长。2013年任日本京都大学iCeMS副教授。2015年任名古屋大学工学部教授。Matsuda教授长期从事柔性多孔配位聚合物的性能研究。Matsuda教授多次获奖,日本配位化学会“JSCC Research Encouragement Award(2010)、日本化学会“The CSJ Award for Young Chemists(2012)、日本吸附学会“JSAd Research Encouragement Award(2012)、日本文部科学省“The Young ScientistsPrise(2015)、空气液体公司“Essential Molecules Challengeprize (2017)Matsuda教授至今在国际知名期刊ScienceNatureNat. Mater.Nat. Chem.Nature Commun.J. Am. Chem. Soc.Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.等著名期刊发表百余篇学术论文 。多次在国际重要学术会议上作大会报告。


报告摘要:The discovery of a new nanoporous compound that has unique porous properties is scientifically and technologically topical. Flexible MOFs show unique abrupt guest adsorption/desorption based on their structural change in response to the adsorption of specific guest molecules or external stimuli such as light, leading to high selectivity for guest inclusion. Dynamic effects can arise either locally from flexible ligands and/or flexibility of the coordination geometry of the metal ions, or from the global cooperative movement of the framework on a periodic scale. Here, we will present structurally switchable flexible MOFs that selectively adsorb gas molecules such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and acetylene (C2H2). We will also show gas separation functions of those gases.